In its sheath. Brother Timothy smiled quietly

Have keys for the padlock... began Tom, holding on with one hand while he tried to pull the key ring from his belt. This is too funny, said Jenks, wiping his face with his hand in apartamente de vanzare bucuresti disbelief. I don't need a key! I've been picking locks like this since I was a little kid! Muchneeded oxygen was slowly returning to Tom's brain. You apartamente de vanzare bucuresti mean you can open the cage yourself? Of course! Who do you think you are dealing with, an amateur? Now go away. You are ruining the best idea I ever had. You don't want to be rescued? No! Now get out of here before I get mad and call the guard. Call the guard? gasped Tom. Jenks chuckled. I really will, you know. You have about one minute before I start. Get going. Tom clutched at the bars and tried to see the other man's face. He was smiling in a friendly way. There was a twinkle in the fellow's eye! Oh mister guard? said Jenks softly, starting a sing-song like a nursery rhyme. Here guard, pretty guard, nice guard, come to papa.... Tom made up his mind. Mr. Jenks, would you mind releasing the hook when I get down? My pleasure, Jenks chuckled. Even from within the cramped cage, he made a gracious little bow. Tom started down. Going down was a lot easier than going up, but it had to be done carefully. Going too fast would risk losing his grip. With the knots there was no question of sliding. He gave his whole attention to the deliberate, hand-over-hand descent. Timothy stared up at him from the moat. A block away, Lady Mizar's eyes narrowed, and her companions exchanged looks of confusion. What could have gone wrong? Tom reached the bottom of the moat and stepped back, rubbing his throbbing hands together. He looked up at the cage just in time to see a white hand protrude and dislodge the hook. The rope fell down in a pile at Tom's feet. Timothy hurried over as Tom coiled the rope for carrying. What happened? Was he dead? No, he's not dead, said Tom. He's apartamente crazy. They climbed up out of the moat and casually walked down the street toward the inn. Tom turned around for a last look at the cage and was surprised to see the hand again, waving a cheerful goodbye. Definitely crazy, he said. They lingered outside the inn for a few moments to be sure no one followed, and then slipped into the courtyard and up the stairs. Mattie opened the door for them and they spilled into the room. That is a damnably long rope, said Tom, collapsing into a chair. Next time I'm going to use a shorter one. He started to pull off his gloves with short painful movements. apartamente de vanzare bucuresti Rosemary knelt beside him and tried to help. He let apartamente de vanzare bucuresti her remove the gloves, trying not to wince as she tugged at the blisters. What happened? asked Lady Mizar. She looked at Timothy who shrugged. They all waited for Tom to speak. He refusesto be rescued, said Tom. The others looked at him without comprehension. He says he can get out of the cage any time he likes, with no help from us. He says we are ruining the best idea he ever had. He threatened to call the guard and turn me in! How did he look? asked Mattie. Was he off his nut? He looked fat and happy, rested and chipper, said Tom. Quite a jolly fellow if you ask me. Seemed quite pleased with himself. He was